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Arxiu Fotogràfic de l'Arxiu Històric de la Ciutat

The Arxiu FotogrÓfic de l'Arxiu Hist˛ric de la Ciutat was created by Barcelona Town Council around 1920 with the objective of bringing together, preserving, organising, describing and promoting historical photographic collections. It comprises three million photographs of all typologies, materials, formats, methods, contents and authorship, from the beginning of photography to our times. The theme of the images preserved is essentially the city of Barcelona. Some extensive thematic blocks stand out. They correspond to events such as the 1888 World Fair, the 1929 International Fair or the 1992 Olympic Games. On GaudÝ's work, the Arxiu has diverse historical and contemporary photographs mainly of buildings in Barcelona such as the Sagrada FamÝlia, MilÓ House or GŘell Park. The collection of the Arxiu is, therefore, formed by a rich and valuable photographic collection offering an impression on the evolution of the city history and the history of Catalan photography, from its beginning to the present.

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