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Manuel Armengol

The journalist Manuel Armengol (Badalona, 1949) started working in photography during the 70s, with a special interest in photo journalism. In 1977, he was granted the Award for the Best Press Photography for his pictures on the demonstrations which took place in Barcelona in 1976. These emblematic images were published around the world and portrayed one of the most significant moments of the political transition in Spain. Since 1980, and during the seven following years, he mainly devoted himself to photographing architecture and its settings, specially from the modernist period. He has carried out experiments with images of natural elements such as fire, water, earth or wood, which were the basis for thematic exhibitions. Most of his photographs are preserved in private collections and some have been published in diverse newspapers, magazines and national and international books. Since 1980, he has held periodical exhibitions both in Barcelona and Madrid (ARCO) and in different cities around the world such as Caracas and Tokyo. His interest in GaudÝ's work has led him on many occasions to photograph the main buildings and to publish the images. This is the case of the monographic work on MilÓ House entitled El jardÝ dels guerrers, La Pedrera de GaudÝ (The Warriors' Garden, GaudÝ's La Pedrera) (Lunwerg Editores, Barcelona, 1987), diverse postcards (Edicions HON), original works and posters (exhibitions in Japan: Maizuru and Nagoya World Design Exhibition).

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