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Francesc CatalÓ-Roca (Valls, 1922 - Barcelona, 1998) trained himself with his father, Pere CatalÓ Pic, one of the main representatives of the Catalan photographic avant-garde. When he was a child, the family moved to Barcelona so that it was in this city where he started working as a professional photographer, first with his father and later, in 1948, as an independent photographer. He worked as a photo journalist in magazines such as "Destino" and "Revista". He was also interested in cinema and in 1952 he made the documentary, currently lost, Piedras Vivas (Living Stones) on the Sagrada FamÝlia which in that same year won the 1st Award of the Ancona Festival (Italy). His participation in documentary publications also started with his work on GaudÝ, as in the case of La Sagrada FamÝlia (Barcelona, 1952) with a text by CŔsar Martinell. He later published GaudÝ dissenyador (GaudÝ, Designer) (Blume, Barcelona, 1978) and GaudÝ (PolÝgrafa, Barcelona, 1983), with a text by Ignasi de SolÓ-Morales. Francesc CatalÓ-Roca earned diverse awards and distinctions throughout his professional career. In 1988, his birth town held a GaudÝ exhibition (Institut d'Estudis Vallencs, Valls) where his images reflected a personal way of perceiving the architect's work.

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