What does Gaudí’s work evoke in you? Why does it interest you? Would you like to express your opinion?

Gaudí Forum is a door open to participation and a letter box where your views will be collected. You can participate by proposing debate issues, voting on those already proposed or offering any comments about the organisation of the Gaudí 2002 Barcelona. The objective of this Gaudí Forum is to open new perspectives and get to know different points of view on Gaudí’s contribution in the fields of art, science and thought.

Choose one of the questions from the list or suggest a new item:

Is Gaudí old or modern?
Is the beatification process good or bad for Gaudí?
Why is Gaudí the technician less well-known than Gaudí the artist?
Would he have been more famous if he had built the skyscraper
      projected for New York?
What made the avant-garde artists vindicate the proscribed Gaudí?
Does Gaudí's work obey a secret mathematics?
Why is Gaudí a great geometer?

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