Gaudí 2002 León

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Antoni Gaudí's birth (Reus, 1852 - Barcelona, 1926), León joins the celebration with a series of proposals which provide an insight into the figure of this restless, original and innovative architect. Gaudí, recognised throughout the world, also wanted to leave part of his magic in León with two monumental works: Astorga Episcopal Palace (1887-1893) and "Los Botines" House (1891-1893). León Town Council, in collaboration with Astorga Town Council, the University of León, the savings bank Caja España, Vela Zanetti Foundation and León Official College of Architects as well as artists and professionals from the cultural world have made up an integrated project with cultural programmes already rooted in all these institutions. Moreover, their aim is to contribute specific works on the production and figure of Gaudí.


Source: Gaudí 2002 León(14-1-02)