A Gaudinian record deck for Sonar 2002

For the Festival of Advanced Music Sonar 2002 and on the occasion of the Gaudí International Year, Panja van Dick, a Belgian artist from Antwerp, has created a record deck and a case in trencadís, the technique which identifies Gaudí's creativity all over the world.

The white trencadís predominates in the record deck, contrasting with the turntable where a suggestive figure evoking a lizard stands out from blue and red. The piece is completed with a record case in white and grey trencadís.

Both pieces are unique and bring the vanguard culture of electronic music to the artistic world of Gaudí. Their presence in Barcelona reflects a desire for the most up to date musical art to pay homage to the art represented, at its time, by the radical innovation of Gaudí.


Source: Gaudí International Year (14-5-2002)