La Pobla de Lillet welcomes the representatives of the Gaudí Year

On Saturday 11th May, La Pobla de Lillet Town Council welcomed the media and the representatives of the Gaudí International Year who arrived from their Barcelona office.

Rafael Garcia, Deputy Mayor and acting Mayor, together with the councillors Carme Rosell and Josep Colomer, received TV, radio and press journalists, as well as Daniel Giralt-Miracle, General Curator of the Gaudí International Year, and the other members of the team: Anna Butí (programme), Diana Escobar (communications), Marta Pérez (press) and Rossend Casanova (co-ordination).

The group was driven to the Sanctuary of Falgars where the speeches were made and afterwards to the belvedere of La Roca de la Lluna where Mar Prat, from the cultural activities company Promolleure, described the geographic, territorial, historical and natural characteristics of the area to those attending. This was followed by a visit to the Catllaràs Chalet, a work by Gaudí, and then to the Asland Factory (by Rafael Guastavino) and Artigas Gardens, also landscaped by the architect.

After lunch the group visited an exhibition of dioramas recalling the arrival of Gaudí in La Pobla de Lillet, the construction of the Catllaràs Chalet for Eusebi Güell and Artigas Gardens for the Artigas family.



Source: Gaudí International Year (13-5-2002)