Presentation of Gaudí's Hotel Attraction at Güell Palace

The interactive double CD Hotel Attraction. Gaudí's project for New York has been presented at Güell Palace. It is a building conceived by the architect in 1908, around 360 metres high, which would have made it one of the tallest in the city. Gaudí's visionary and daring project, of organic forms and a conoidal silhouette characteristic of the architect's work, coincides with the metropolitan energy of the period. The Hotel Attraction, designed with rooms on all the façades and five large meeting rooms, one above the other, devoted to the five continents, was to be crowned by a symbolic star representing America.

Marc Mascort, from New York University, together with an important team of collaborators, has carried out research on this project, effecting a virtual recreation of forms, textures and even specific spatial simulations.

Of the two CDs, one is audio and includes a selection of music compiled by Verdes Records with figures of the first order from the international music panorama. The avant-garde that Gaudí represented within the architectonic field is once again paid homage by the most current musical art.

The other is a CD-ROM which includes an interactive interface virtually recreating the building with unpublished images, original sketches by Gaudí and his collaborator Matamala, the history of the building and visionary recreations in the heart of New York.

Produced by Satélite K (K. Indústria Cultural), it has been published in Catalan, Spanish and English.

The presentation of the double CD took place on 30th May at Güell Palace in Barcelona. The event was attended by a large public who enjoyed the opportunity of seeing an exhibition of the recreated project. It included contributions by Marc Mascort, graphic designer, Rossend Casanova, Co-ordinator of the Gaudí International Year, and Joan Bassegoda, Director and Curator of the Gaudí Royal Chair.


Source: Gaudí International Year (1-6-2002)