CEPSA en route with Gaudí through Europe

The company CEPSA, member of the Promotional Council of the Gaudí International Year, has carried out several activities to promote the figure and work of the architect. Such is the case of the communication campaign and the Gaudí Festival which, with the slogan "A day with Gaudí", took place on 1st June 2002. CEPSA will also undertake a promotional campaign in service stations, where it will be possible to exchange tokens for exhibition tickets.

In May, CEPSA presented the new CAT-TRD lorry, with which it competes this year alongside the CEPSA Competition Team in the European Lorry Championship. The lorry includes, printed on its bodywork, the official logo of the event and an image of the dragon from Güell Park, the graphic image of the Gaudí International Year. The lorry will take the two images of the event through the various European countries in which it will compete.

The lorry, driven by Antonio Albacete, won the Lorry Grand Prix of Catalonia held at the Circuit de Catalunya on the 18th and 19th May.


Source: Gaudí International Year (30-5-2002)