Release of the books Los jardines de Gaudí and Las voces de Gaudí

The Polytechnic University of Catalonia has just released the books Los jardines de Gaudí (The Gardens of Gaudí) and Las voces de Gaudí (The Voices of Gaudí), written by Juan Bassegoda and José Arturo Campos, respectively.

Los jardines de Gaudí ¾number 22 of the collection Arquitext seeks to analyse the concepts and forms of the gardens in which Gaudí acted as planning designer or adviser. It also includes a description of the buildings of the architect in which nature forms part of the compositional concept.

Las voces de Gaudí number 24 of the collection Arquitext¾ reveals a new approach in the architect's work, not only guided by the visible but also by what is heard and perceived. It is a mixture of accounts, anecdotes, commentaries and stories which demonstrate that Gaudí designed the voice of his work so that the sculptural materials would be alive and in dialogue. Thus, each building is magic and has its own voice. It is an architecture which talks while revealing an invisible world that is heard, enjoyed and experienced at every moment.


Source: Gaudí International Year (26-5-2002)