The Santa M˛nica Art Centre exhibits Impacte GaudÝ

From 2nd July until 30th September, the Santa Mònica Art Centre, of the Department of Culture of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia, hosts the exhibition Impacte Gaudí (Impact Gaudí), bringing together 155 works by 40 twentieth century Catalan artists and 17 texts by authors who have written on the figure of the architect.

The exhibition, organised by the Department of Culture, has its background in the Gaudí International Year and was inaugurated on Tuesday 2nd July by the Autonomous Minister of Culture, Mr. Jordi Vilajoana.

Impacte Gaudí presents the influence of Gaudí on Catalan artists according to the following four groups: the contemporaries, with works by artists such as Joaquim Mir and Josep Maria Julol; the avant-garde, with works principally represented by Joan Miró and Salvador Dalí; the post-war generation, which includes originals by Antoni Tàpies, Josep Guinovart and Modest Cuixart; and postmodernity, which unites the poetic vision of Pere Gimferrer, writings by Perejaume and works by Javier Mariscal and Frederic Amat, among others.



Source: GaudÝ International Year (3-7-2002)