Ramon Saumell, the son of the Güell Park gardener, returns home 50 years later

On Friday 29th June, Ramon Saumell returned to the house where he was born, the pavilion of the porter's lodge in Güell Park. Accompanied by his whole family, Saumell visited the current Güell Park Interpretation Centre and the exhibition Gaudí and Güell Park. Architecture and Nature guided by Rossend Casanova, co-ordinator of the Gaudí International Year.

During the visit, Saumell recalled many anecdotes and experiences of the house where he was born 92 years ago and where he lived for 46 years. Saumell, who remembers everything and enjoys enviable physical health for his age, evoked the character of Antoni Gaudí and told of many day to day events which occurred with his architect neighbour.

Saumell lived in the pavilion of the porter's lodge until 1956, when he decided to move to the centre of the city. However, his aunt and uncle remained there until 1971.

For two hours, Saumell and the people who accompanied him passed through each of the rooms, from the kitchen to the bedrooms and the attic. Saumell praised the restoration undertaken and the distribution of the exhibition halls which have completely respected the original work.

With such a heartfelt and emotional act of homage, the Gaudí International Year has sought to recover a living memory and show the work undertaken in this building, designed by Gaudí, to the person who was born there and lived there for almost fifty years.



Source: Gaudí International Year (3-7-2002)