Turisme de Catalunya promotes the Gaudí International year in Valladolid

On 26th June, Turisme de Catalunya presented the Catalan tourism offer for 2002.

The presentation, headed by Xavier Civit, general Director of Tourism of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia, was also attended by Mercedes Sánchez Gutiérrez, General Director of Tourism of the Autonomous Government of Castilla y León; Núria Machordom, Director of Turisme de Catalunya; Pep Palau, Manager of the Club de Gastronomia; Joan Roca, Chef of the restaurant Celler de Can Roca; and Rossend Casanova, Co-ordinator of the Gaudí International Year.

Civit stressed that one of the most outstanding cultural products of 2002 is the Gaudí International Year and pointed out the great significance that the event has for this autonomous community, linked with the figure of the architect thanks to two buildings: Los Botines House in León and Astorga Episcopal Palace.

For his part, Casanova explained the basic features of the event and the main activities taking place in Barcelona, Catalonia and the rest of Spain, focusing on the Gaudí León 2002 programme.

The press conference was held at the recently opened Santa Ana Palace, of the AC Hotel chain. In the evening, and in the same hotel, Turisme de Catalunya offered a presentation to travel agencies of the three star products: the Gaudí International Year, the Guide of Tourism Activities and the Club de Gastronomia. The more than 250 guests enjoyed a menu of dishes from current Catalan cuisine, prepared by the Celler de Can Roca, which boasts 2 Michelin stars. The group Fundación Tony Manero provided musical entertainment until midnight.



Source: Gaudí International Year (3-7-2002)