Commemorative coins. Gaudí in silver and gold.

The Spanish National Minting Factory, the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre de la Real Casa de la Moneda, presented on July 23rd in Barcelona a series of 5 coins dedicated to Gaudí and his works.

All pieces of the commemorative series share two motives, the architect's bust, which appears in all obverses, and reproductions of his works, such as "El Capricho", Güell Park, Milà House, Batlló House and the Nativity façade of the Sagrada Família in the reverses.

The materials used in the confection of the coins are the purest gold, of 999 thousandths, and silver, of 925 thousandths. The coins are presented in a transparent sleeve in an elegant beechwood case. They can be purchased with or without the wooden case.

The presentation took place in the Saló del Tinell of the Museum of the City's History, where the exhibition "Gaudí. Exploring form" is being showed. The ceremony was hosted by Miguel Crespo Rodríguez, sub-secretary of the Ministry of Economy, and by Ferran Mascarell, Town Councillor for Culture of the Town Hall of Barcelona.

The presentation was accompanied by Gonzalo Ferre Moltó, director of the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre de la Real Casa de la Moneda, and Daniel Giralt-Miracle, curator of the Gaudí International Year.

When the presentation finished, all attendants were presented with a coin and were invited to a light refreshment.



Source: Gaudí International Year (25-7-2002)