The Antoni Gaudí Tile Game

This week saw the presentation of The Antoni Gaudí Tile Game, conceived by Oriol Comas and Jep Ferret. It is intended for 2 to 6 players, over 8 years old, and each game takes about 30 to 45 minutes.

CASA Consultors i Arquitectes SL has produced it on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the constitution of the company adding, from an entertainment perspective, to the recognition and popularisation of the architect's work.

The Gaudí tile game, based on combinations, is inspired by the paving that the architect designed in 1906 for Batlló House and that he later installed in Milà House. The original paving has for some years covered the Barcelona Passeig de Gràcia, the street where both houses are located.

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Source: Gaudí International Year (1-9-2002)