The Bellaterra National Micoelectronics Centre pays "micro-homage" to Gaudí.

TThe Bellaterra National Microelectronics Centre (CNM-CSIC) has sought to pay micro-homage to Gaudí with the realisation of a micro-design of the Sagrada Família. In the photograph above, the building is seen alongside a small insect and, in the bottom photograph, in relation to a human hair.

The small silicon piece, at a highly reduced scale, is the result of the design and construction project of a variable restrictor for the dosage of medicines, based on the principle of magnetic action. This device consists of a system of silicon valves of 10 microns in thickness, obtained through the micro-mechanisation of the silicon by chemical engraving and plasma, on which a magnetic material is deposited by electrodeposition. In this case, the material deposited is a coating of 2 microns in thickness of cobalt-nickel that in the presence of an external magnetic field makes the valves move and, therefore, allows control of the outlet flow of the dosimeter.

The project was directed by Jaume Esteve, the design layout is by Nourdin Yaakoubi, the photographs by Marta Duch, the video by Raquel Pérez Castillejos and the manufacture by the White Room Team of the CNM.




Source: Gaudí International Year (25-9-2002)