The government of Chile presents the project for a chapel by Gaudí in Rancagua

The President of the Republic of Chile, Ricardo Lagos Escobar (see photograph), accompanied by the Ministers of State of the MOP and MINVU, listen to the account given by Nicolás Díaz, President of the Gaudí Corporation of Triana-Chile, of the project to construct a chapel designed by Gaudí.

The history of this project dates from 1922, when Father Angélico Aranda, of the Franciscan Order of Rancagua, commissioned the architect with the project for a chapel dedicated to Our Lady of the Angels. Gaudí, occupied with the works on the Sagrada Família, proposed the construction of the replica of the Chapel of the Assumption, conceived for the Barcelona temple.

The project was not undertaken at that time and now the Government of Chile has approved its construction in homage to the figure of the architect in that country.



Source: Gaudí International Year (6-10-2002)