Design of a Gaudí-inspired vehicle for tours of Barcelona

SFrom 24th October to 29th November, within the exhibition of the 2001-2002 Master of Transport Vehicles Design, promoted by Elisava School of Design and Rucker Ibérica, it was possible to see a vehicle inspired by Gaudí.

Conceived by Tony Gallardo Ruiz, the car is the result of the transition of a lizard into the dragon of Güell Park (images from the promotional campaign of the Gaudí International Year).

The design of the car, of a pale green colour and with dark windows, evokes the work of Gaudí with curved, anatomic and modern forms.

Its name GAudi makes a clear reference to the car trademark and the name of the architect. The vehicle is conceived for tours of Barcelona using three modes of transport: land, sea and air. It is designed to be self-explanatory and is based on the following concepts:
Land: it "walks" with the support of its four wheels,
Sea: it "swims" with runners that provide it with stability,
Air: it "sustains itself on the cables" with the upper part of the runners.



Source: Tony Gallardo Ruiz (18.12.2002)