The Burgos "Pasarela Castilla y León" fashion show inspired by Gaudí

The fashion designer Laura Ribón presented clothes inspired by Gaudí's work in the Young Designers Contest held on the occasion of the 1st "Pasarela Castilla y León", which took place in Burgos from 21st to 23rd October at the Hotel NH Palacio de la Merced.

The collection, called "El Capricho", consists of four models. They are made with a basis of canvas and coloured pieces of felt attached by hand, one by one, in the style of a mosaic.

Ribón was runner-up, an award which recognises the homage paid to Gaudí by the design made in Castille, a region where the architect built "Los Botines" House in León and the Episcopal Palace in Astorga.




Source: Gaudí International Year (19.12.2002)