The Hotel Attraction project is a candidate for the New York World Trade Center site

In 1908, the visionary architect Antoni Gaudí designed a skyscraper for the city of New York, of which several drawings are known thanks to his collaborator Matamala including some attributed to Gaudí himself.

The building was to be constructed in the city where, years later, the Twin Towers were erected and for many years typified the skyline. After their dramatic destruction, the aim of constructing new buildings poses some questions. What should the new area look like? What buildings should it include?

After some years of research, the Hotel Attraction project was presented within the framework of the 2002 Gaudí International Year. The project recreates it virtually and is the work of Marc Mascort i Boix under the advice of Joan Bassegoda i Nonell, curator of the Barcelona Gaudí Royal Chair. The proposal is on the table: why not carry out Gaudí's project in the city for which it was really conceived?

23rd January will be the date for the presentation of Gaudí's project and its advanced structure of parabolic section. The event will take place at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY), in collaboration with the Cervantes Institute of New York and the Catalan Consortium for the Promotion of Culture Abroad (COPEC).

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Source: Gaudí International Year (16.1.2003)