GÜELL PARK (1900-1914)

Carrer d'Olot s/n

A utopian view of the lost paradise

Güell Park is the dream come true of an entrepreneurial businessman, Eusebi Güell, and of a revolutionary architect who, based on the English model of city-gardens proposed the transformation of a large estate in the north of Barcelona, rocky and unlevelled, into a residential area. Despite the wild appearance of the park, everything in it was planned: the accesses, hte market, the main square, the drainage, the reservoirs, the roads and paths, the staircases, the fences... Although the First World War meant the failure of this real-estate operation, the state in which the project was felt allows us to discover the town developer Gaudí, a defender of nature, crerator of pastoral settings and experiementer of new constructive techniques while taking inspiration from popular culture. A park reflecting his ideas of symbiosis beteween man and nature.

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