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This is a provisional scholastic building commissioned by the Construction Board of the Sagrada Família, built right next to the temple. A single floor, the architect divided the interior into three spaces to separate the students in classrooms, which is why the name is in plural.

This small building is relatively unknown, even though it is one of the most radical of Gaudí’s works. Its particularity is defined by the undulation of the walls and roof, achieved through the application of the geometry of quadric surfaces. Their sinuousness makes them very sturdy, allowing the opening of various doors and windows in the walls and for rain water to drain easily off of the roof.

Due to its provisional nature, Gaudí built easily, quickly, and economically; for this reason he used brick as a building material and he was able to raise the schools easily in little time and at little cost. For this construction, he had the collaboration of the architect Francesc Berenguer, who was helping him at the time with the construction work on the temple.

The architectural solution of the schools has interested many architects, such as Le Corbusier, who discovered it in 1928 during a visit to Barcelona.

Although the building was destroyed in 1936, it was rebuilt by Domenec Sugrañes, and then again destroyed in 1939, to be rebuilt again finally by Francesc de Paula Quintana. For many years it has housed part of the building direction of the Sagrada Família.

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