Artigas Gardens (1905)

When Joan Artigas, owner of a textile factory, came to know about the arrival of Gaudí to La Pobla de Lillet, near where he was building the Catllaràs Chalet, he invited him to plan his garden. Gaudí accepted his offer and developed the area, leaving the spouts of underground waters, the nature and the large unevenness, which he used to build paths, a bridge, fountains, staircases and a summer-house as a viewpoint in the garden. The architect used, as in the contemporaneous Güell Park, the stone of the area so that nature and architecture would be in perfect harmony.
In 1939, the Spanish Civil War, forced the owners to move, the gardens were abandoned and left completely unnoticed. They were rediscovered in 1989 when the Reial Càtedra Gaudí began some research and started in 1991 a project of restoration enabling their recuperation.
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