Monument commissioned by the Spiritual League of Our Lady of Montserrat consisting of the First Mystery of Glory of the Monumental Rosary that was planned for construction near the sanctuary of Montserrat. The commission was quite important, as much for its marked religious character as for the symbolic, given that it had to represent the resurrection of Christ which, by analogy, also symbolised the resurrection of Catalonia.
Gaudí conceived the monument incorporating the natural landscape in his project, as he was doing in the Church of the Güell Colony and Güell Park. The works began in 1903, with the levelling of the area and the perforation of the rock, where he dug a Holy Sepulchre and placed the coat of arms of Catalonia and one of the four images that finally set the scene. This, which represented Christ risen, was the work of the sculptor Josep Llimona and was cast in bronze and gilded in the Barberí Foundry in Olot. The layout chosen by Gaudí, expressly facing the rising sun, meant that the first rays of the break of dawn would illuminate the image which, in its turn, would irradiate golden reflections creating an intentional symbolic effect.
Because of scarce resources, the work slowed considerably and came to a stop in 1907. Later, it was finished following a simplified adaptation by the architect Jeroni Martorell. It was fully inaugurated in 1916.

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