Church of Sant PaciÓ (1879)

27-29, Les Monges Street
40, El Vallès Street (parish)


It consists of a series of diverse works for the church of the School of Nuns of Jesús-Maria, constructed by Joan Torras i Guardiola (1827-1910), currently the Church of Sant Pacià, located in the district of Sant Andreu del Palomar. Of special note is the mosaic that covers the whole of the floor, of geometric design and made of small pieces of diversely coloured marble, attributed to the Italian mosaicist Luigi Pallarin, at that time quite active in Barcelona. The mosaic was restored between 1986 and 1989 by Lluís Bru.
Gaudí also made the choir stalls of the church and four wooden wall lamps gilded with gold leaf, currently conserved in the church of the school of Jesús-Maria in Sant Gervasi, where they were transported when the congregation moved.

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