Street lamps in Reial Square and in Pla del Palau (1878)
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Reial Square
Pla del Palau

The first commission that Gaudí received in an official
capacity was from Barcelona Town Council. It was to
construct diverse street lamps for the public illumination
of the city. He designed them with three and six arms,
crowned by a winged helmet, symbol of the commercial
power Barcelona had enjoyed and continued to have at
that time. The street lamps are gaslight and are conserved
in the heart of the city: in Reial Square, close to La Rambla,
and in Pla del Palau, the old port entrance.
With the passage of time came electric light and the lamps
were electrified. They have recently been restored so they
continue illuminating public areas as they did 125 years ago.

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