Street lamps in Reial Square and in Pla del Palau (1878)

Reial Square
Pla del Palau


The street lamp project for the public illumination of the city was the first official commission that Gaudí received from Barcelona Town Council. The architect submitted his proposal in June with the title: Candelabro. Apuntes descriptivos del proyecto de candelabros de grupo para plazas y paseos de la ciudad de Barcelona (Candelabrum. Descriptive Notes of Set Candelabra for Squares and Boulevards of the City of Barcelona). His proposal included street lamps with three and six arms with an elaborate design that received municipal approval and were manufactured at once, with an iron cast for the structure and glass plates for the protection of the gaslight. In September 1879, two copies of the model of six arms were installed in Reial Square and, one year later, four copies of the model of three arms, of which two remain in Pla del Palau.

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