Institutional Functions, Festival Shows
2002 is Gaudí Year. The 150th anniversary of his birth is being commemorated with a full programme of activities which take us inside the fascinating universe of a creative artist who was much more than just an architect. Thanks to the numerous exhibitions, lecture cycles, publications, festivals, and theatre and dance spectacles, we will have the opportunity of discovering Gaudí the architect, designer, urban planner, thinker and mystic, observer of nature and researcher.

Gaudí International Year is organised by the Ajuntament de Barcelona, the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Spanish Ministry of Education, Arts and Sport, with the participation of a great many other institutions and entities.

Institutional Functions
Gaudí International Year: Inaugural Act
Gaudí Festival
Gathering of Castellers at the Sagrada Familia
Festival Shows
The Triplets and the Enigmatic Mister Gaudí
MTV Europe Music Awards 2002
... The Time of Fairies
Catalan music during Gaudi's years
Days of Dance:
Gaudí. The musical comedy of Barcelona
7th Ribermúsica Fall Festival 2002
The Guitar and the Mediterranean
1st Hispano-Korean Intercultural Concert

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