Throughout 2002 over 20 exhibitions will be organised on the many facets of Gaudí’s life and work, ranging from the plans for a New York hotel to the admiration he aroused in artists such as Miró and Dalí. The exhibitions are structured round three great theme areas: “Gaudí’s Work”, which refers to the buildings that show the architect’s work; “Gaudí’s World”, which brings together those works that help us understand the cultural, social and economic context of the epoch in which he lived; and “Homage to Gaudí”, which groups works that illustrate the fascination that he has generated in some of the XXth century’s most outstanding creative artists.

Gaudí. Exploring Form Completed
Gaudí’s Universe Completed
Gaudí. Art and Design Completed
Gaudí’s Work
Ceramics in Gaudí’s Work Completed
Gaudí in Paris in 1910 Completed
Living in a Gaudí House Completed
Gaudí and the Park Güell. Architecture and Nature Open
Sagrada Família: stones of the Temple, rocks of times Completed
Gaudí - Güell - Verdaguer Completed
Gaudí’s Civil Works Completed
The Canosa brothersCompleted
Scenes Completed
Gaudí’s Workshop. Gaudí and his Atelier Open
Gaudí. The Man and his Works Completed
The Lay Cathedral Completed
Gaudí at the EUPB Completed
Cátedra Gaudí Completed
Gaudí’s World
The Modernist Medal Completed
París - Barcelona 1888-1937 Completed
Verdaguer and Gaudí Completed
Life in a Town House Completed
Jujol, Designer Completed
Painters and sculptors, friends of Gaudí Completed
Industrial Arts in Modernista Posters Completed
Gaudí’s Architects Completed
Modernism in Terrassa Completed
Gaudí's graphic and constructive techniques Completed
Homage To Gaudí
Gaudí Vision Impossible Completed
Gaudí and the Cercle Artístic de Sant Lluc Completed
Joan Miró. Gaudí Series Completed
Gomis-Gaudí Confluence Completed
Ceramics and a Digital View of Gaudí’s Works Completed
Gaudí Proposals Completed
Gaudí’s Impact Completed
Homage to Gaudí Completed
Look Gaudí Completed
Gaudí Kaleidoscope Completed

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