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Gaudí. Art and Design


18.6.2002 - 24.9.2002
Centre Cultural Caixa Catalunya, La Pedrera

Passeig de Gràcia, 92 | 08008 Barcelona
Tel. 934 845 900

Timetable: Monday to Sunday, from 10 am to 8 pm
Entry free

Looking closely at any of his works, one can see the special care that Gaudí took with the design of all of the furniture and functional or decorative objects to be used in them, as he conceived of projects as a whole, contemplating both structural aspects and strictly formal ones.

With regard to handicraft techniques –learned in the boilermaker workshop of his father– Gaudí took advantage of some that he considered valid and, at the same time, he invented a large number of practical solutions characterized by ingenuity and aesthetic quality.

This group of pieces, created by Gaudí in collaboration with the best craftsmen of the period, is made up of the most diverse group of objects, such as grates, chairs, tables, benches, doorknobs, recliners, wardrobes, shutters, doors, peepholes, windows, stained-glass windows, etc., and they not only constitute a group that is totally inseparable from his architecture, but rather they can also be considered already as works that are forerunners of contemporary design.

Unfortunately, the majority of this type of items created by Gaudí have disappeared in large part from the buildings for which they were created, and are currently to be found in museums and public and private collections. The objetive of this exhibit is, therefore, to bring together the most emblematic pieces and the most representative models of each series.

Organization and production: Fundació Caixa Catalunya




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