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Gaudí’s Architects


12.12.2002 - 12.1.2003
Exhibition Hall and Sala Picasso of the Col·legi d’Arquitectes de Catalunya (COAC)

Gaudí, over the course of his career, managed to surround himself with a tightly-knit group of architects that collaborated with him, fascinated by his creative genius: Francesc Berenguer, Joan Rubió, Domènech Sugranyes, Josep M. Jujol, Francesc Quintana, Francesc Ràfols, César Martinell, Joan Bergós, Ignasi Puig Boada, and Lluís Bonet Garí.
This exhibit seeks to show the relationships of all of these architects with Gaudí, using a group of original drawings of all of them, reflecting at the same time each one’s individual personality. This documentary material is contributed by the Historical Archive of the Col·legi d’Arquitectes. Also, in digital animation, the site of these relationships will appear: the workroom of the Sagrada Família, destroyed during the civil war.
The book Els arquitectes de Gaudí (Gaudí’s Architects) will accompany the exhibit, a book that seeks to contribute rigorous research of the role played by the collaborators who worked with Gaudí.

Organization: Col·legi d’Arquitectes de Catalunya

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