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Gaudí. The man and his work.


13.9.2002 - 13.10.2002
Diocesan Museum of Barcelona

The exhibition seeks to offer a global vision of the figure of Antoni Gaudí, both personal and professional, showing how the human element is present throughout his work. It features works and original unpublished documentation derived from the parishes of the Sagrada Família and the Sagrat Cor (Güell Colony) and the Diocesan Archive and Museum of Barcelona.

The range of activities during the exhibition is as follows:
· Printed catalogue of the exhibition (Catalan, Spanish, English).
· Audio-visual entitled "Gaudí talks to us" based on accounts of the architect himself, on CD-ROM / DVD (Catalan, Spanish, English).
· Pedagogic dossier entitled "The fantastic world of Mr Gaudí" in printed version and on CD-ROM in the form of an educational game.
· Didactic workshop with tactile models for students and the handicapped.
· Inaugural conference led by Jordi Bonet i Armengol, Architect-Director of the works of the Sagrada Família and President of the Sant Jordi Royal Academy of Fine Arts, available on video conference and via Internet.
· Audio-visual monographic course entitled "The Temple of the Sagrada Família: Art, Bible and Symbol", on CD-ROM.
· Three academic courses accredited by the University of Barcelona and supervised by the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Department of Social Science Teaching: Gaudí, nature as moulder of forms; Gaudí, constructive structures and models; Gaudí, the man and his work.

Organization: Diocesan Museum of Barcelona (with the collaboration of the Diocesan Archive of Barcelona and the parishes of the Sagrada Família and the Sagrat Cor of the Güell Colony).

Sponsor: Generalitat de Catalunya, Ministerio de Educación Cultura y Deporte, and El Periódico de Catalunya.

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