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GAUD═ at the EUPB


28.5.2002 - 14.6.2002
Escola UniversitÓria PolitŔcnica de Barcelona

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Antoni Gaudí's birth, the EUPB (Polytechnic University School of Barcelona) has wanted to take part in these events of recognition with an exhibition wholly conceived by the students. Their contribution consists of models, watercolours, end of course project plans, CD-ROMs, books, optional course projects, etc. on different works of the architect.

The content of this exhibition is also the result of the work and interest that for many years Gaudinian themes have awakened in the diverse departments as well as of the Research Line "Gaudí and Catalan Modernism 1900" approved by the Vice-Rector of Research.

The exhibition endeavours to offer greater insight into the work of this artist who more than anyone understood constructive techniques, crafts and building materials.

Curators: Vicenç Gibert, Luis Gueilburt, Francesc Jordana and Benet Meca.

Place: EUPB, Dr. Marañón, 44-50, ground floor (University campus of Pedralbes).

Opening hours: from Monday to Friday, 10 am to 8 pm.

Sponsors: Prefabricados Pujol, Contratas y Obras-Empresa constructora, Dragados-Obras y Proyectos and Encofrados Alsina.




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