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Riudoms joins in the activities commemorating the 150th anniversary of the birth of Antoni Gaudí through numerous initiatives involving the study of the architect and his works.
Among them, some stand out: the exhibit Gaudí Atmosphere (21.6.2002- 7.7.2002) ceded by Caixa Catalunya, which is a show of photographs by Joaquim Gomis; the concert Trencadís, Joan Guinjoan’s opera about Gaudí (23.6.2002); the inauguration of the restoration of the house where Gaudí was born, and the uncovering of a plaque at Mas de la Calderera (25.6.2002); important conference cycles where various experts will analyze Gaudí’s architecture; the opening of documentaries and musicals, such as Hymn to Gaudí, composed by Dolors de Maria Sierra and interpreted by the 470 students of the school Beat Bonaventura Gran, as well as numerous entertaining and festive activities seeking to bring Gaudí’s works closer to the citizens of Riudoms.

Organization: Ajuntament de Riudoms

Information: Ajuntament de Riudoms | Tel. 977 850 350



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