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11th, 12th and 13th July 2002
Celler Cooperatiu de Gandesa
Av. Catalunya, 28
Gandesa (Spain)


11th, 12th and 13th July 2002

Reason and purpose of the symposium: For four consecutive years the Symposium on Martinell is to be celebrated, organised by the Universitat Catalana d'Estiu and the Associació Cultural Cèsar Martinell. This year's edition continues the cycle initiated two years ago under the generic title Restorations and Transformations of the Catalan Architectural Heritage, in which the history of Catalan architecture during the 19th and 20th century is analysed from different points of view. In July 2000, the 2nd Symposium on Martinell took place (the first of the cycle mentioned), under the title The origins (from Neoclassicism to the end of the 19th century), and in July 2001 the third edition was celebrated dedicated to the subject Between two centuries: Modernism and Noucentisme. Until then, all sessions were held at the villa of El Pinell de Brai.
The purpose of the 4th Symposium on Martinell, set in the town of Gandesa, is that of following the scheduled programme, dedicated to the subject The Second Republic and the Civil War (1931-1939). However, although the focal point of the symposium is always architecture and its transformations and restorations, the political, economic, social and cultural events that set a new way of expression and certain architectural languages will also be highlighted.
Addressees: Architecture, engineering, history, art history and archaeology graduates and students, professors, educators, culture town councillors, researchers and people interested in cultural heritage.
Gandesa: Town and capital of the Terra Alta, it is the administrative and commercial centre of the surrounding villages. The municipal area has 70,79 km². To its north we find the Ebro river, to the south the Canaletes river, to the east, the mountains of Pàndols and Cavalls, and to the west, the town of Batea. The maximal height of the territory is that of the rock of "Puig Cavaller", 709 metres, and the lowest is between the old flour mill and the sanctuary of Fontcalda, at 180 metres. The town centre is at a height of 368 metres, on a hill situated in the epicentre of the great curve described by the course of the Ebro river before it goes out to the Mediterranean sea. Since Roman times, the city has been an important road junction. The events treated in the 4th Symposium on Martinell had a special importance in Gandesa and its region. One of the most representative buildings of the town is the cellar and oil mill designed by the architect Cèsar Martinell i Brunet, in 1919.


Thursday, 11th July 2002
16,00 h Reception and handing out of the documentation
16,30 h Presentation of the Symposium on Martinell by Dr. Raquel Lacuesta
17,00 h Catalunya between two dictatorships. Dr. Josep M. Roig i Rosich
18,15 h The new urban development approaches of the Republican Generalitat. Manel Torres i Capell
19,00 h New aesthetic approaches. Rationalism. Dr. Anna Pujadas
19,45 h Visit to the Museum of the Centre of Studies of the Battle of the Ebro. Gandesa. Antoni Blanch
22,30 h Cinema and propaganda. Dr. Miquel Porter i Moix
Friday, 12th July 2002
09,30 h The cultural policy of the Republican Generalitat. Dr. Albert Balcells
10,15 h New building, new architectural forms. Dr. Josep Ignasi de Llorens
11,30 h Avant-garde art and design. Dr. Mercè Vidal i Jansà
12,15 h The specialised publications of the Republican Catalonia. Dr. Francesc Fontbona
13,00 h Propaganda posters. Dr. Immaculada Julian
16,30 h War stories. Dr. Maria Campillo
17,15 h Graffiti as a means of propaganda and as testimony: International Brigade members in Castelldefels. Dr. Albert López Mullor
18,00 h Visit to Corbera: images of a destruction. Itinerary by David Tormos
22,00 h Music as an expression of liberty. Chamber concert by Marcel Pascual and the Orfeó de Gandesa. Parish church of Gandesa, 3€
Saturday, 13th July 2002
09,00 h The protection of the architectural heritage in Europe. The Charter of Athens. Dr. Susana Mora Alonso-Muñorreyo
09,45 h The protection of the monuments during the Republic and the Civil War. Antoni González
11,00 h The restoration of monastic monuments. Pere de Manuel
11,45 h The revolutionary deeds of Asturias and the consequences on heritage. Dr. Pilar García Cuetos
12,30 h The destruction of the religious heritage in Catalunya. Dr. Josep M. Martí i Bonet
13,15 h The loss of documents of the temple of the Sagrada Família. Jordi Bonet i Armengol
14,00 h First evaluation of the Gaudí's International Year 2002. Daniel Giralt-Miracle
14,30 h Closing ceremony of the Symposium. Handing out of diplomas
14,45 h Closing reception. Hostal Piqué

IV Jornades Martinellianes. Universitat Catalana d'Estiu
Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 600, 3r. 2a.
E- 08007. Barcelona
Tel.: +(34) 93 317 24 11

IV Jornades Martinellianes. Associació Cultural Cèsar Martinell
c/ Carretera, 22
E- 43594 El Pinell de Brai
Tel.: +(34) 977 443 816

Closing date of registration: 9th July 2002
Registration fee: 90 €. Students: 72 €.
Payment: by bank transfer to the account no. 2100 0085 77 0200306476; with bank cheque or VISA card at section IV Jornades Martinellianes

Organised by: Universitat Catalana d'Estiu. Town Hall of Gandesa. Associació Cultural Cèsar Martinell



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