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Antoni Gaudí

13.5.2002 - 13.6.2002
"Augusto González de Linares" Secondary School

This Secondary School has, in its educational offer, a High Degree Educational Cycle on Building and Civil Works entitled "Development and Application of Building Projects". Since 1997, the students who carry out these studies have made, within the educational programme, a trip to Barcelona with two main activities: the visit of the trade fair Construmat and the tracking of Gaudí's works.
The exhibition shows the works of the architect and reveals the importance of Antonio López, first Marquis of Comillas.
The activity "Gaudí-Juego" (Gaudí-Game), a test on images of the works of the architect, which was attended by more than 500 students and visitors, is also to be highlighted.

Inauguration, 13.5.2002
Autonomous Minister of Education and Youth, Ms. Sofía Juaristi

Conference-colloquium, 13.5.2002
Mr. Luis Castillo Arenal, architect and author of the Restoration Project of "El Capricho"
Ms. Masako Yamahuchi, manager of the restaurant "El Capricho"

Organised by: "Augusto González de Linares" Secondary School, Santander

Collaborations: Nestlé España SA (La Penilla), Café El Dromedario (Heras), Caja Cantabria, Carrefour (Santander), Reial Càtedra Gaudí (Barcelona), Colegio de Aparejadores y Arquitectos Técnicos (Cantabria), Diccionario de la Construcción (Barcelona), Espai Gaudí (Barcelona), Institut Gaudí de la Construcció (Barcelona), Institut Municipal del Paisatge Urbà i la Qualitat de Vida (Barcelona), Librería Estudio (Santander - Cantabria), Librería Gil (Santander), Librería - Material de Oficina Control (Santander), Societat Casa Batlló (Barcelona), Casa-Museu del Park Güell (Barcelona), Museu del Temple de la Sagrada Família (Barcelona), Palau Güell (Barcelona), Restaurante "El Capricho" (Comillas), Trazo-Tecnic (Santander).



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