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Gaudir Gaudí.


Pedagogical Notebooks

This pedagogical material consists of a notebook for secondary-school teachers and another for students, as well as a third notebook for primary education. Their purpose is to bring the figure of Gaudí closer to students, promoting interest in the architect and knowledge of his work.
The activities proposed are appropriate for the corresponding grade levels, and their ideas range from questions regarding the learning of the methodology of architecture (plans, the making of diagrams, photographs, sketches, etc.) to different historical, social, and cultural considerations that include it. All of this will be rounded off by guided tours of Gaudí’s buildings.
In the primary education notebook, focused on the study of Park Güell, Gaudí’s work is approached by way of entertaining activities that allow the discovery of the plasticity of Gaudí’s architecture and its colors and volumes.

Published by: Institut Municipal d’Educació. Ajuntament de Barcelona and Departament d’Ensenyament. Generalitat de Catalunya



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