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Filabarna 2002


La Sagrada Família Square

27.9.2002 - 2.10.2002

This year, the FILABARNA 2002 fair, devoted to philately and numismatics, is held in front of the Expiatory Temple of la Sagrada Família. It features a new series of stamps reproducing the most emblematic works of the architect and a collection of official coins devoted to Gaudí.

The commercial fair presents stamps, coins and collecting objects by the most reputed firms of the sector and includes an exhibition of philatelic and postal items devoted to the figure of Gaudí and his architecture.

It is possible to purchase the commemorative stamp, the series of 4 envelopes, the official document and the commemorative medal of the FNMT, the first day cover and the Gaudí themed set of 9 stamps, among others.

Opening time: 11 am to 8 pm

Organised by the National Association of Philately and Numismatics Business People and the Expiatory Temple of la Sagrada Família Construction Board



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