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Gaudí Route


Middle of March 2002 - 31.10.2002

The Gaudí Route is a route through the architect’s most important works, which can be followed on one’s own by buying a ticket that is valid from March until October. This ticket provides one with discounts and free visits to Gaudí’s buildings. Buyers will also be given a book-guide written by the journalist Tate Cabré, describing the itinerary, as well as an informative flyer with a map of the route through the city of Barcelona, where the majority of his works are located. The Gaudí Route also extends to Santa Coloma de Cervelló, Riudoms, Tarragona, Garraf, Mataró, La Pobla de Lillet, Sant Feliu de Codines, Montserrat, Palma de Mallorca, León, Comillas, and Astorga.

Organization: Institut Municipal del Paisatge Urbà i la Qualitat de Vida. Ajuntament de Barcelona

Centre del Modernisme - Casa Amatller
Passeig de Gràcia, 41 | 08007 Barcelona

Information and Ticket Sales: Centre del Modernisme - Casa Amatller
Tel. 934 880 139 | Fax 934 123 492 |



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