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Fundació Caixa Catalunya


“La Pedrera”. Visits to the Building-Museum.
Permanent Exhibit (Espai Gaudí + El Pis de “La Pedrera”)

A visit to Casa Milà “La Pedrera” allows one to see the patios, l’Espai Gaudí (attic and rooftop terrace) and El Pis de la Pedrera.

L’Espai Gaudí is installed in the attic of the building; there, by way of drawings, models, photographs, and audiovisual materials, visitors can approach the life and works of Antoni Gaudí. This permanent exhibit, conceived of and created by the art critic Daniel Giralt-Miracle with the collaboration of the architect Fernando Marzà, was inaugurated in 1996 with the objective of making Gaudí understood, biographically as well as artistically and technically.

El Pis de La Pedrera, located on the fourth floor of the building, shows the elements that make up the interiors of Gaudí’s architecture, and the lifestyle of a wealthy family of Barcelona, during the period of the inauguration of Casa Milà. El Pis de la Pedrera was thought of by Daniel Giralt-Miracle, this time with the collaboration of the Barcelona designer Miquel Milà, who is also the nephew of the first owner of “La Pedrera”.

Provença, 261-265 | 08008 Barcelona
Tel. 934 845 995 (Monday to Friday, except for holidays, from 10 am to 8 pm)

Timetable: Monday to Sunday, from 10 am to 8 pm (7.30 pm, latest time of entry)



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