Previews of the puppet show
The Triplets and the Enigmatic Mister Gaudí
(show in Catalan)

St. Domènec Church
Plaça St. Domènec

The Triplets appear for the first time on a stage as string puppets! A stroll through the works of Gaudí, where the Triplets will have many different adventures based on anecdotes from the life of the architect; a staging where the decorative architectonic elements typical of Gaudí (the dragons, broken ceramic pieces…) bring to life and interact with the characters… A show that magically and entertainingly enlightens aspects of the architect's life as well as the foundations of his work.

Times: 12 noon and 6 pm
Price: 8 € (ticket sales on 972 417 717)

Organised by Per Poc, Cromosoma, TV3

Dreams of Gaudí

17.9.2002 - 30.11.2002
Centre Cultural de Caixa de Girona. Fontana d’Or

This exhibit seeks to reveal the different readings hidden behind Gaudí’s works. From the most evident shapes, to the hidden meanings, from the application of organic structures, so innovative for his time, to an analysis of his wide-ranging symbolism –each and every one of the aspects articulated in Gaudí’s buildings will be analyzed in depth through Marc Llimargas’ magnificent images. To do this, didactic materials will be used (photographs, archival materials, holographic images, audiovisuals, etc.), which will help the public to understand the architect’s career and building procedures.

Organization: Fundació Caixa de Girona

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