La Pobla de Lillet will participate in the acts commemorating the 150th anniversary of Gaudí’s birth with several events seeking to look more closely at the architect’s character and work.
The most outstanding events are the presentation of the book La Pobla de Lillet, Gaudí Town by Joan Bassegoda, Ramon Espel, and Roger Orriols (June, 2002); the exhibit Gaudí Studio: A Didactic Experience (15.5.2002 - 15.6.2002); a group walk entitled Gaudí’s Footstep, which will go from Artigas Gardens to the Catllaràs Chalet (9.6.2002); a show of light and color in Artigas Gardens on the eve of San Juan (23.6.2002); a special 6th Musical Walk in the Artigas Gardens (14.8.2002) and, finally, two conferences, one given by Joan Bassegoda and Ramón Espel, entitled The Secrets of the Artigas Gardens (7.9.2002) and another called Catllaràs Chalet, a Building Immersed in Nature, by Roger Orriols (21.9.2002).

Organization: Ajuntament de la Pobla de Lillet

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