Gaudí and the Transcendental Dimension

12.6.2002 - 20.6.2002
Auditorium of Fundació Joan Maragall

Cycle of conferences that seeks to look more closely at the figure of Gaudí, in terms of his thought, his historical context, and the religious dimension of his life and works. Participants will be Josep de C. Laplana, Joan Galtés, Ramon Pla, Anna M. Blasco, Maria Antonietta Crippa, Josep Corredor-Matheos, Daniel Giralt-Miracle, and Judith Rohrer.

Coordination: Ramon Pla and Anna M. Blasco
Organization: Fundació Joan Maragall. Christianity and Culture

València 244, 1r | 08007 Barcelona

Information and registration: Fundació Joan Maragall. Christianity and Culture
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