Gaudí Workshops

Gaudí: the man and his work
Constructive structures and models
Nature as moulder of forms

Workshops addressed to researchers of both architecture and art history, cultural monitors, architects, designers or, simply, people interested in the person and work of Gaudí. The course takes place at the Diocesan Museum of the Cathedral of Barcelona.

Teaching staff
Jordi Bonet Armengol, architect. Lluís Bonet Armengol, priest. Josep Cerdà, Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Barcelona. Antoni Díaz Arnau, engineer. Pere Jordi Figuerola Rotger, historian. Octavi Mallorquí Vicens, historian. Marià Marín Torné, historian. Andrea Ortega, architect. Miquel Xancó Roca, philosopher and theologian.

Registration fee
210 euros per workshop

Information and registration
Les Heures - Fundació Bosch i Gimpera - Universitat de Barcelona
Palau de Les Heures
Campus Mundet
Passeig de la Vall d'Hebron, s/n
08035 Barcelona
Tel.: +(34) 93 567 74 00 / +(34) 93 567 74 03
Fax: +(34) 93 428 63 70
Co-ordinator: Anna Julià

Workshop 1: Gaudí: the man and his work
It includes three sections: Gaudí, the man (dealing with aspects of his person; family and social environments; the Catalonia of the industrial bourgeoisie and the Renaixença; a landscape: El Camp de Tarragona; convictions and training), Gaudí the creator (the theory of a new style; originality, beauty and functionality; botanic furniture and architecture: the great book of nature; the catenary arch; global architecture; the ceramic trencadís; the patrons: the Güells and the Marquises of Comillas; the creative blooming), and Universal Gaudí (Symbolism or Modernism?: Gaudinism; assistants and disciples; from ostracism to neo-Gaudinism; a universal legacy; the work continues: symbology in (and of) the Sagrada Família; Le Corbusier, Nagasaki, the Internet).

Methodology / Assessment
A methodology of participation and dialogue between students and teachers will be used based on a work dossier summarising the information on Antoni Gaudí. Moreover, it includes a visit to the exhibition and to the Sagrada Família and the viewing of two specific audio-visuals.

30 hours

09/09/2002 to 04/10/2002 (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) - 05/10/2002 to 14/12/2002 (Saturday)

Lectures will be given in Catalan

Workshop 2: Constructive structures and models
Conceiving the design of forms, architecture and construction as a process is one of the facts that acquires a greater relevance in Gaudí's work. The exploration of creative mechanisms and the discovery of structural systems based on the observation of nature and its forces, as well as on the direct experimentation with diverse materials, constitute the tireless research of this outstanding architect.
Taking this dimension as the main axis, the course explores the development of different constructive and structural techniques and processes based on the creation of three-dimensional or study models with the aim of approaching the research process followed by Gaudí in his creations.

Methodology / Assessment
Both a practical and theoretical approach will be taken so that in each session a conceptual presentation (illustrated with examples extracted from Gaudí's work) will be developed followed by an experimental exercise. Each student will select an object of study corresponding to the field of reference considered in the unit. Based on the direct observation of these natural objects, the carrying out of an exercise consisting of applying the aforementioned observation to the construction of a new form or space will be proposed; the activity will be developed within the fields of, among others, visual, architectonic and sculptural design. Sketches, modelling in mud and clay, the construction of prototypes through paper folding, the work with structural elements such as threads or iron wire, among others, will be used as study and proposition tools.

30 hours

Schedule and timetable
21/05/2002 to 20/06/2002
08/10/2002 to 14/11/2002
Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm.

Lectures will be given in Spanish

Workshop 3: Nature as moulder of forms
This course focuses on the organic conception of Gaudí's forms based on the observation of the processes generated in nature. It seeks to explore natural models and structures through a pragmatic approach, applying patterns or guidelines extracted from nature. The study of the creative forms of some of his works leads us to a better understanding of the strength and harmony present. This gives way to associations and discoveries which always astonish us and show us a possible way for visual and sculptural creation of our surrounding space. Of special interest will be the direct study of these works because we will relate them to the natural landscapes and spaces where Gaudí used to find his forms and structures.

30 hours

Schedule and timetable
20/05/2002 to 19/06/2002
07/10/2002 to 14/11/2002
Mondays and Wednesdays, from 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm.

Lectures will be given in Spanish



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