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Institut Amatller d'Art Hispànic

Located in Amatller House (Josep Puig i Cadafalch, 1898-1900), the Institut Amatller d'Art Hispānic is devoted to promoting cultural activities and collecting graphic and bibliographic material for those studying art from the Hispanic territories. It has a library with more than 25,000 volumes and a photograph collection of around 350,000 images mainly from the following archives: Mas, Archive of Catalan Archaeology, Gudiol, Antoni Amatller, Almató, Barrios Pagčs, Calvet, Egry, Santiago Marco, Jaume Mercadé, Plasencia, Pujol, Reuss and Robert. Photographs are classified by diverse areas such as painting, drawing, engraving, sculpture, architecture, gold and silver work, costume, town development, portraits of characters and customs. They also have a topographic classification and another by subject. On Gaudí's work, the Institut Amatller d'Art Hispānic has an important collection of photographs of the period featuring the architect's most emblematic works.

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