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Jordi Belver

After having studied graphic design and photography, Jordi Belver (Barcelona, 1950) completed a degree in History of Art at the University of Barcelona. He started working as a graphic designer for some advertising agencies and he later alternated design with photography, specialities in which he obtained the Laus award of the ADG-FAD. Since 1978, he has been fully devoted to photography. He has had seven individual exhibitions and is the author of diverse photography books, among which Alfares y alfareros de Espa˝a (Spanish Potteries and Potters) (Ediciones del Serbal, Barcelona, 1988) and La nova arquitectura de Barcelona: El Port Vell (New Barcelona Architecture: the Old Harbour) (Autoritat PortuÓria de Barcelona, Barcelona, 1996) stand out. He has photographed GaudÝ's most important works and has published the images. This is the case of the book La Pedrera. Cosmos de GaudÝ (La Pedrera. GaudÝ's Cosmos) (Fundaciˇ Caixa Catalunya, Barcelona, 1992).

Portolà 11, 1r 1a
08023 Barcelona
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