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Marc Llimargas

The art photographer and editor Marc Llimargas (Barcelona, 1947) has photographed and produced diverse volumes devoted to the most important artistic creation from European and American countries. Some examples are the collection of 10 volumes Historia Universal del Arte (Universal Art History) (Editorial Planeta, Barcelona 1984), the 12 volumes of España Gótica (Gothic Spain) (Ediciones Encuentro, Madrid, 1987), El Barroco Iberoamericano (The Latin American Baroque) and Iberoamérica (Latin America) (Ediciones Encuentro, Madrid, 1990/92), the 10 volumes and 10 CD-Is of Historia del Arte Español (History of Spanish Art) (Editorial Planeta - Lunwerg Editores, Barcelona, 1995), of which he was the photographer and artistic director, Historia del Arte de España (History of Art in Spain) (Lunwerg Editores, Barcelona and Bordas, Paris, 1996), Els Ibers (The Iberians) (Fundació "la Caixa", Barcelona, 1998), Miquel Blay: l'escultura del sentiment (Miquel Blay: the sculpture of feeling) (La Mirada Sonora - Fundació Caixa de Girona, Girona, 2000), El Palau de la Música de Lluís Domènech i Montaner (Lluís Domènech i Montaner's Musique Palace) (Lunwerg Editores, Barcelona, 2000) and El Modernisme Català (Catalan Modernism) (Lunwerg Editores, Barcelona, 2001). He has co-edited several books with prestigious publishing houses such as Abrahams (New York), Flamarion (Paris), Jaca Book (Milano), Seuil (Paris) and Thames & Hudson (London), through which he has made his images known around the world. He is one of the founders of La Mirada Sonora SL, a multimedia publishing house of art books and also producer of documentaries. It has a photographic archive of almost 10,000 images (shared with Ediciones Encuentro and Lunwerg Editores), 3,000 of which are devoted to Gaudí and Catalan Modernism. Specifically on this architect, he has illustrated Gaudí: l'home i l'obra (Gaudí: the Man and his Work) (Lunwerg Editores, Barcelona-Madrid, 1999) and La Pedrera (Caixa Catalunya, Barcelona, 1999). Recently, between the months of March and April 2000, he has exhibited large images in Gaudí: l'home i l'obra (Gaudí: the Man and his Work) produced by the Barcelona Reial Càtedra and presented in the Milano Triennial.

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