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Humberto Rivas

After having studied Drawing and Painting, Humberto Rivas (Buenos Aires, 1937) started working on photography in 1957. He specialised in this medium and, in 1970, he worked as a photographer in the Centro de Investigación, Arte y Tecnología of Buenos Aires. One year later, he established his own advertising photography studio. During the 60s he participated in numerous individual and collective exhibitions. Since 1975, these have been individual and mainly held in European and Latin American countries. In 1976, he set up in Barcelona. He has participated in diverse catalogues of photographic work and diverse monographs have been devoted to him among which the following stand out: Humberto Rivas, fotografías 1978-1990 (Humberto Rivas, photographs 1978-1990) (Lunwerg Editores, Barcelona, 1991) and the recent catalogue of the exhibition Humberto Rivas (Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea, Xunta de Galicia, Santiago de Compostela, 1999). On Gaudí's work he produced, in 1989, a series of images of the architect's main buildings which are shown in the Espai Gaudí (La Pedrera, Fundació Caixa Catalunya, Barcelona). In 1997, he received two awards: the Premio Nacional de Fotografía and the Premi d'Arts Plàstiques "Ciutat de Barcelona".

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