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Jordi Todó

Jordi Todó (Barcelona, 1955) started working as an aerial photographer in 1988 in TAVISA (Trabajos de Aviación SA). Of all his works, the complete coverage of the Olympic Games held in Barcelona in 1992 stands out. His creativity led him to participate in the collective exhibition Barcelona a vol d'artista (Barcelona, an artist's view) (CCCB, Barcelona, 1994), which meant the granting of two Lux Awards (silver and bronze) in 1995. He has collaborated on diverse publications of publishing houses such as Enciclopèdia Catalana, Planeta, Triangle or Vicens Vives, and on numerous advertising campaigns. He has also taken photographs for public institutions such as Barcelona Town Council or the Generalitat de Catalunya, among others. In terms of Gaudí's work, the diverse bird's eye views of Güell Park, the Sagrada Família and Milà House stand out. The latter are published in La Pedrera. Gaudí i la seva obra (La Pedrera. Gaudí and his Work) (Fundació Caixa Catalunya, Barcelona, 1998). The image archive of Jordi Todó is administered by TAVISA and is available to companies, public and private institutions, as well as those interested in aerial photography.

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