This was a group of restorations and remodelling commissioned by the Bishop of Mallorca, Pere Campins, for the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca.

Although the commission was given formally to Gaudí in 1902, and he went to the island immediately, the work was not begun until the following year.

It consisted of the moving of the Gothic and Barroque altarpieces and the choir stall, the opening of the Chapel of the Trinity, the placement of new thrones, the opening of Gothic windows, the mounting of stained-glass windows, the installation of a canopy, the decoration of the walls, and the making of the furniture.

Gaudí surrounded himself with several collaborators, according to the project’s needs, for example the architects Guillem Reynés, Joan Rubió, and Josep Maria Jujol, and the painters Iu Pascual and Jaume Llongueras.

The outside was executed, following the ogival style, between 1910 and 1912, while the interior and the stained-glass windows were executed between 1904 and 1914. This last year was when, due to differences with the contractor, work was interrupted and was left unfinished, as the Bishop, the main driving force behind the work, died the following year.

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